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Two Women

Melissa Hu, MD


It's natural to take steps to look your best

Surgical Procedures


Our face communicates our emotions, history, personality, and age.  We make our impressions on other people based on these facial appearances.  Because of this, some people may desire to change their appearance to better present themselves to the world.  Facial cosmetic surgery offers individuals the opportunity to enhance certain features and rejuvenate their facial appearance.  The best candidate for facial cosmetic surgery has a positive outlook on life and views surgery as an opportunity to enhance their current life experience.


Reasons for facial cosmetic or reconstructive procedures may include premature aging, congenital or acquired defects.  People may feel that they look older than they feel, either due to sun exposure, weight loss, genetics, or other causes.  They may also want to better reflect how they feel they should look with cosmetic surgery.  Other people born with features that may seem out of balance with the rest of the face may want correction of these areas.  Those who have had appearances altered by trauma may need reconstructive surgery or modification of scars.

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