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  • Dr. Melissa Hu


Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Natural facial lifting and tightening without surgery

Thread Lifting is a clinic based procedure that provides results of a face lift without the risks and downtime at a fraction of the cost. The technology is based on absorbable threads placed under tissues of the face and neck to provide lifting and tightening of the skin. This in conjunction with fillers and Sculptra can very naturally rejuvenate your look without surgery!

The Novathreads used in our practice is made of polydiaxanone (PDO) which is an absorbable material that takes about 4-6 months to dissolve. Studies have shown that these threads stimulate collagen production in the process of absorption. The end result is some continued benefit after the threads completely dissolve.

Threads can be used to treat nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lift the neck, treat loose skin of the midface and neck, treat crow’s feet, fine to moderately deep lines, fill lips, soften acne scars, and even stimulate hair growth!

The technology behind thread lifting has greatly evolved. Many are now delivered through blunt cannulas which minimize trauma and bruising. Because the threads are absorbable, the risk of infection, extrusion, discomfort are minimal. Having a provider who has a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the region being treated is the most important factor in decreasing your risks and increasing your chances of a great result.

There is virtually no social down town. Occasionally some light bruising develops at the entry point. Smaller threads placed for volumization and tightening may create some mild swelling for 3-4 days. When threads are placed to provide lifting in the face and neck, there are certain high level activity precautions for two weeks. This is largely to ensure that the threads do not move which may affect the level of lifting it can provide.