Melissa Hu, MD

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

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  • Dr. Melissa Hu

Lovely Lips

Lips communicate information to the world about our emotions, willingness to engage socially and even our age. Upturned corners imply happiness. A smile is used as a greeting. Thinned pursed lips connote suppressed emotions, a shut door. Youthful lips are full and shapely. Whereas, aged lips are thin, deflated, and formless with sagging corners.

Lip fillers have become a popular treatment largely because of how much visual information your lips provide. The key to great results, however, is in the injector who follows natural contours and respects proportions.

The first thing to ensure is that the injector selects the proper filler. The thinnest fillers provide the best results as they are more fluid, flexible and adaptable to the movement of your lips.

The most important thing is to make sure the injector truly understands the lip anatomy and the changes that occur with aging. Lips should have a well-defined border from the red and white lip. Shapeliness is created with a nicely defined cupid’s bow (the valley and two peaks in the center of the upper lip), establishing cushions in the central part of the upper and lower lips, and addressing the philtrum (the ridges in the white lip leading up to the nose) when deficient. Often the commissures (corners) have to be addressed to bring up the ends of the lips to provide a more well supported, youthful and welcoming smile.

Choosing where to get fillers is much like choosing where to get your hair cut. Choose the lowest price and end up with a standard, shapeless result. Choose a place with expertise and individualized attention, and get a beautiful result that you are proud to flaunt.