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Melissa Hu, MD

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

It's natural to take steps to look your best
  • Dr. Melissa Hu

Look Your Best in a Face Mask

Your eyes are often the first feature that people look at. Now with masks, your eyes may be the only visible feature. Many people are investing in eye make-up, serums, lash extensions, brow planing to enhance their eyes to look their best while wearing a mask. But what if you are looking for other ways to improve the appearance of your eyes and upper face?

For those essential workers or others unable to take time off of work, minimally invasive procedures may provide enhancements to fine lines, wrinkles and even low brows.

Botox, Dysport and other neuromodulators can help treat the rows of creases on the forehead, the fanning crow's feet around the outside of the eyes, and the 11 lines between the brows. It may even be used to create a slight brow lift.

Fillers can be used in conjunction with neuromodulators to treat the deeper 11 lines. They may also be used to fill and smooth the lower eyelid tear trough. Filler placed in the temples directly address hollowing, but simultaneously help with elevating the brow.

As people are working from home, and as air travel still carries uncertain risks, many are choosing to use their vacation time and money towards other methods of self improvement, including cosmetic surgery which provides longer lasting effects.

Brow lift alleviates a heavy brow and opens the eyes to more light. This brightens and rejuvenates the appearance the eyes. Upper eyelid surgery removes the excess skin and fat weighing on the eyelashes to improve visibility and openness of the eyes. Lower eyelid lifts treat the bagginess of the lower lids to alleviate the chronically tired or allergic appearance.

When products and skincare no longer seem to provide the enhancement you desire for your eyes and upper face, look to a facial plastic surgeon for consultation and treatment tailored to your needs.

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