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Houston facial fat grafting

Melissa Hu, MD


It's natural to take steps to look your best
Fat Grafting



With aging, our bodies and face lose volume.  A portion of this volume loss is attributed to fat resorption which leads to sagging tissues and deepening of creases.  Like fillers, the best candidate for this procedure is someone with volume loss around the cheeks, temples, and jaw line thus causing hollowing around the eyes, deepened creases around the nose and mouth, and jowling.


Fat grafting involves the harvesting of fat from the abdomen, thigh or buttocks and transfer of the fat in areas of the face requiring volumization.  Similar to other forms of grafting, such as skin grafts, the transferred fat will establish a blood supply and continue to live in the newly transplanted region.  There is an estimated 50 - 80% take of tranferred fat.  Meaning, there is an expected 20 - 50% decrease in volume from the initial transfer.  Fat grafting may require a series of transfers to achieve the desired end result.  It may also often be used in a treatment series with fillers with the transferred fat providing the deep foundation for volumization and the fillers providing a more superficial treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.



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