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The natural process of aging involves the loss of fat under the skin and a decrease in water content of the skin.  This causes the skin on the face to loosen, sag, and wrinkle.  Aging may be accelerated by factors such as sun exposure, smoking, and illness.   

The neck is typically also treated with a face lift.  The skin and underlying muscles of the neck may loosen and sag with age.  This also happens to people who have lost a large amount of weight. Other people may simply have an excessive fat pad under the chin.  This is often genetic, and despite significant weight loss, may persist and give the face a weightier appearance.

If you would like a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance of your face and neck, you may be a candidate for rhytidectomy (facelift). 

What Can a

Face Lift Address?

  • Loose skin of the face & neck

  • Drooping of the lower face

  • Jowls

  • Excessive fat in the neck & chin

  • Banding of the neck

Facelift Types
What does a Facelift Entail?
Facelift Recovery
Facelift Recovery
Facelift Incisions
Hidden Incisions
Various forms of facelift exist. In general, a face lift suspends tissues of the face in a vertical direction. Excess skin is removed. Neck muscles may be tightened and extra skin of the neck excised. Liposuction and excisional techniques may also be used to create a leaner appearing neck.

The descent of cheeks are treated separately with a midface. This may be combined and performed at the same time for a more global rejuvenation of the face.
Inicisions are strategically placed to be hidden within the hairline, along natural creases around the ear, and behind the hairline of the neck.
It typically takes about two weeks to recover from a face lift. Usually by this time, swelling and bruising have resolved and you are presentable again to the public.
Stop aspirin and other NSAIDs at least 10 days before surgery. Arnica which is an herbal supplement which has shown to help swelling and bruising may be started a couple days before your scheduled procedure. Smoking should be completely discontinued 6 weeks before surgery.
Follow all postoperative instructions. Focus on healing, keeping your head elevated for the first week. Apply ice to the affected areas for 15 minutes every hour you are awake for the first 3-4 days. Continue taking arnica as directed until bruising resolves. Ensure good nutrition to provide your body vitamins needed to heal. Smoking cessation should continue for 6 weeks after surgery.
Depending on the extent of surgery, what regions of the face will be addressed, whether liposuction is performed and whether the midface is addressed, cost typically ranges from $5000 - $7500.
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Preparing for Facelift
Facelift After Care
After Care
Cost of Facelift
Cost of a Facelift

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